Ibiza’s top five podcasts


The established Ibizology podcast is a celebration of the history and culture of Ibiza through the stories of the people who have made a significant contribution to island life. San Vicente-based journalist Will Beacham’s interviews open a window onto a wide range of Ibiza topics. In the archive you dig deep into history and archaeology, with topics as diverse as Roman archaeology, rural landscape history, the traditional farming year, the Civil War, and the history of Christianity on the island. Less highbrow, but equally enthralling, you will meet Ibiza’s last lighthouse keeper, the city archivist, the snake man of Ibiza and many more. A fascinating insight into the history and culture of the island.


Mangu TV

Ibiza-based Mangu TV founder Giancarlo Canavesio is a lateral thinker, documentary producer and regenerative farming advocate whose though-provoking podcast series covers controversial and mind-expanding themes like psychedelics and plant medicines, consensual non-monogamy, tantric sex, conscious capitalism and indigenous wisdom. His podcast has hosted luminaries such as Dennis McKenna and features the fascinating sub-series’ Couples Rising and Psychedelic Confessions. Standout episodes include an intimate interview with Alejandro Lozano, a former investment banker who has spent the last two decades exploring new economic paradigms, psychedelics, and classical tantra. Together they take a deep dive through Lozano’s transcendental experiences, discussing, among other things, the difference between the medicinal and celebratory use of psychedelics. Canavesio is also the producer of a large number of widely acclaimed, paradigm-expanding documentaries, including Monogamish, Weed the People and Taiwa.


Ibiza: Refuge for Dreamers

Presented by yoga teacher Oihana Galor-Dual, this podcast highlights the stories of creators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who have chosen to make their lives here on Ibiza. Touching on subjects such as nourishment, community, regeneration and wellbeing, Galor-Dual explores the links that bind the community of Ibiza while celebrating the personal journeys of the islanders. In a recent episode, Juntos co-founder and the owner of the new Juntos House Sophie Daunais talks about the moment she decided to live from the heart, choosing nourishment, community and regeneration as her guiding lights. The entire podcast is soothing and gentle, a great one to calm and uplift the spirit.


The Reset Rebel

When podcasting veteran Jo Youle launched The Reset Rebel ten years ago, hers was the first spoken word podcast on the island, a launched amid a sea of DJ-led dance music podcasts to literally ‘reset’ the narrative around Ibiza and what the island had to offer. Fast forward a decade, and Reset Rebel exists to give a platform to the intellectuals and academic, authors and activists – ‘the rebels, rogues and rascals’ as Youle declares – – who came to Ibiza to reset their lives and to challenge the status quo.


The Wells of Tanit

Puppeteer, artist, book maker and storyteller Joanna Hruby’s lyrical, evocative podcast explores Ibiza’s history and folklore through the island’s relationship with water. Each episode is painstakingly recorded at one of the Ibiza’s ancient freshwater wells, lending an ethereal and unearthly quality to the narrative itself. Hruby’s wide-ranging topics include the significance of the letter X in Ibiza’s toponomy, the islander’s historic relationship with bread, and the fascinating story of Ingeborg Schaefer, the Ibiza-based German puppeteer whose unsolved murder in Dalt Vila in 1977 remains one of the island’s most enduring mysteries.