Simba Sleeps in Ibiza

What a pleasure to help Exposure London to plan this amazing event! Settled in Hard Rock Hotel, international journalists and influencers had the chance to try the Simba Experience. From chroma yoga sessions to meditation with Fresh Perception, Simba proposed a mindfulness journey in our White Island.

Between yoga sessions, detox breakfasts and high-tech activities, this event was perfect from the beginning until the end. Not only because Six Communication was involved in this event, but also because the variety and originality of the venues & activities made this 3 days event unique.  Let us recap quickly the highlights of these days.

Pura Vida dream dinner – The best menus for the best sleep.

Healthy food, relaxing vibes, and peaceful mood. Of course, we directly thought of our dear Pura Vida for a special dinner. Our specialized menus were created by Blanch and Shock in order to offer the best sleep experience with light and selected ingredients. This dinner gave us the opportunity to prove once again that our beach restaurant fits all kind of event. With a beautiful dinner, Simba guests were more than happy to discover our beach restaurant.

Simba Sleep Lab – The High Tech Headquarter of Simba.

By creating a unique and spiritual world inside the Hard Rock Hotel, the Simba Sleep Lab was a journey for your senses and your soul. The participants tried Chroma Yoga, the Simba Air-Hybrid machine, and other exciting activities.

Chroma Yoga: the new yoga experience. This new way to do yoga consists in developing an experience dedicated to the improvement of well-being. Chroma yoga is set to introduce a whole new spectrum of benefits to your individual yoga practice.

Simba Air-Hybrid: as the world most advanced airline seat, international press and trend setter had the occasion to try the „ultimate sleep environment for those with a demanding travel schedule“. This technologically advanced in-flight sleep experience propose the Simba quality even at 36.000 feet from the ground.

Blue Marlin Ibiza – Relaxing vibe – trendy style – sushis.

Hosting the event for one afternoon, BMI makes it big by proposing a healthy lunch inside their amazing venue. They were so seduced by the brand that all the sunbeds of Blue Marlin Ibiza are from Simba now. Cava Sangria, delicious Asian food and sun, everything was perfect for this day.

Hard Rock Hotel – Home of Wellness.

The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza was totally redesigned for this special occasion. From the rooms to the rooftop, we will go through all the changes we have done to make this event unique. The room: With Simba mattresses, it is sure that the guests had a good sleep! By changing all the Hard Rock Hotel mattresses, the experience was even more special. The rooftop: Simba yoga mats and healthy breakfast, that’s a good blend. We all know that a rooftop is always a good way to relax and feel special. With meditation classes and a large vegetable buffet, we used at its best this area. The meeting room: Totaly changed for the event, this room was prepared for the Simba Air-Hybrid machine. Built inside, this amazing high-tech showcase was tried and approved by everyone. In the meanwhile, chroma yoga classes were given. You get it, the Simba event was a complete win. By reading our news you should understand that each event we do is a success. We are glad to say that our uniqueness and precision is the key of our work. In Ibiza or in other regions of the world, many companies ask for Six Communication because they know that our business is prosperous.

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