New Year´s dive in the Mediterranean Sea!

Get rid of all the toxins and extra calories consumed during Christmas time and New Years Eve! Detoxify your staff with the help of Six Communication. If we want or not, we tend to over-indulge in the period of Christmas and New Years. Even though the period of living an unhealthy lifestyle might be short, it does have an effect on the academic performance and motivation of your employees. Starting work again in January often can be challenging for your workforce. How can you break this cycle and increase the motivation of your employees? Take your employees on a detoxifying corporate experience. Turn around the negative energy that prevails in January and use it to train your employees in a detoxifying environment. What does a detox include? Detoxing is not only drinking certain raw juices for a given period of time to reset your immune system. It is way more than that. It is a process of purifying the entire body, mind and soul. Make your employees feel reborn and let them experience a fresh start into the New Year. Together, we can create personalised corporate detox retreat packages, for you, and your employees, on the beautiful island Ibiza. We at Six Communication take the time to analyze your company, assess your needs and wants to being able to design everything suiting your desires.

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